On March 2, 2019, in Marrakech, was held the 13th General Assembly of Rugby Africa which here are the highlights.

The elections of the new Executive Committee begin after the quorum is reached, thescrutineers appointed and the confirmed candidates.

The officers of the Executive board are elected ex officio, unopposed:

President: Khaled Babbou

Vice President: Andrew Owor

Treasurer: Tano Elvis

Secretary General: Jurie Roux

The 27 voting members (26 present + 1 proxy) elect, by secret ballot, the 7 officers of the following Executive Committee:

*Rolande Boro (Burkina Faso) with 26 votes

*Aaron Jani (Zimbabwe) with 25 votes

*Clement Sinkamba (Zambia) with 23 votes

*Nasser Bougja (Morocco) with 22 votes

*Herman M’Bonyo (DRC) with 21 votes

*Paulina Lanco (Burundi) with 19 votes

*Guedel N’Diaye (Senegal) with 18 votes

The affiliation of Egypt is voted by a show of hands with 25 votes in favor.

Abdelaziz Bougj,outgoing President, is elected Honarary President unianimously.

“I’m very glad that the elections went on well and that most of the countries accepted our nominations and gave us the mandate to lead Rugby Africa for the next 4 years. We think with our strategy we can work together wit all the different membersof Rugby Africa and we can accelerate the growth of the game on the continent.” Commented the newly elected Vice-President Andrew Owor.

Khaled Babbou, new President of Rugby Africa, congratulates Abdelaziz Bougja and his team for the fantastic work done, before closing the General Assembly with the slogan for the following: “In Africa, we remain united, efficient, all together!”

About Rugby Africa:

Created in 1986, Rugby Africa (www.RugbyAfrique.com), previously the African Confederation of Rugby (ConfĂ©dĂ©ration Africaine de Rugby-CAR), is one of the six regional associations composing World Rugby (www.WorldRugby.org), the international organisation responsible for the governing of Rugby Union and Rugby Sevens. Rugby Africa unites all of the African countries which play rugby union, rugby sevens, and women’s rugby. Rugby Africa organises the Rugby Africa Gold Cup, the qualifying competition for the Rugby World Cup 2019, and Africa 7, a qualifying competition for the Olympic games 2020. Rugby Africa has 38 members, including 22 members and associated members of World Rugby, 10 members and associated members of Rugby Africa and 16 new countries collaborating with Rugby Africa.